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                  Who is Anthony Blackburn?

              Anthony Blackburn has been teaching tennis in the Portland area for over 20 years. He played collegiately at the University of Oregon where he received his B.A. in Speech Communication.  

Anthony is a T.L.I. Certified Instructor, a Nike sponsor coach and member of the USTA and Wilson Team Tennis Advisory Staff. He has owned and operated Blackburn Tennis Productions since 1987. He provides individual coaching, tennis camps, events and seminars for coaches.  

In 1992, he became the Head Tennis Pro for the Portland Athletic Club. Extending his knowledge of the game through private, semi-private and group lessons and clinics.  

In 1993, Anthony was hand picked to be the Teaching Professional at the Nike World Headquarters, and now into his 13th year with Nike.

Anthony is a 1995 Ethics Minority Counsel Community Service Award Winner for meritorious service given to children in his community. He is a generous contributor to kids in tennis and Portland after school programs.

In 1999, he was the teaching pro for Multnomah Athletic Club?s 3.5 Women?s USTA National Team.

"Be your own champ!"

Blackburn Tennis Productions doesn?t just teach you tennis, it is communicated to you in a direct, positive manner.  You will be provided with the foundation to build and improve on the fundamentals of the game to the level which you want to be.