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"Anthony's teaching has kept me interested & motivated to continue to improve my game."

Hu Miagawa, Beaverton High School Boy's Varsity Tennis Team

"Anthony's best asset is his ability to communicate. He expresses what he wants while listening to feedback from his students."

4.0/4.5 PAC City League Team

"Anthony was chosen from a list of very qualified applicants in 1994. For the past 7 years, he has served as our Head Tennis Professional for the Bo Jackson Sports & Fitness Center. His expertise and easy going demeanor have made him a favorite for many. He does an excellent job in both private & group instruction and we sincerely appreciate his efforts on our behalf."

John Olmstead, Senior Manager Corporate Services, NIKE Inc.

"Anthony's instruction is simple to understand. He teaches you how to play the game in addition to developing your strokes."

Carlie Nielsen, 3.5 student of Blackburn Tennis Productions

"Anthony has the ability to blend the mental & physical aspects of the game while pushing you to the next level."

Connie Gilbert, 1999 3.5 MAC USTA National Team / 2000-01 PAC USTA

"Anthony varies his drills so his classes are always fast moving and fun - no two lessons are ever the same."

Pam Brewster, Captain PAC USTA Team

"The game of a lifetime."


"With Anthony's instruction, I have raised my level of play from being a 3.0 player to a 4.0 player within two years. Anthony is a double's strategy master."

Linda Temple, 1999 3.5 MAC National Team

"I'm glad my daddy signed me up for lessons. I like the way I can do overheads and nearly serve!"

Jordan Jimenez, 6 year old student of Blackburn Tennis Productions